Why Choose WRI?

WRI's team of experts, associates, researchers are all based in the regions, and bring unique knowledge and insight into the dynamics of regional economies, businesses and communities. They are backed by a trusted and influential brand gained from over 20 years experience.

1. Experience

WRI was officially established in 1999 with funding from the NSW Government and support from the Commonwealth Government, from the Regional Economic Development Unit at Charles Sturt University - Australia's largest regional higher education and research institution. Its foundation members were the Area Consultative Committees and Regional Development Boards (now Regional Development Australia) from Central West NSW, Orana and Far Western NSW, Charles Sturt University and the NSW Department of State and Regional Development (now NSW Department of Industry).  We employ staff who are skilled in regional and industry development, and have provided advice to government, leading businesses and community organisations.   

2. Influence

Our clients include Federal and State governments, local government, regional development bodies, tourism organisations, leading not-for-profits, universities and other research centres. WRI has built its organisational reputation and influence as an advocate for evidence-based regional and business development over many years.  By using WRI, you know that you are getting the best quality advice from an organisation that is trusted by Government and key decision-makers.

3. Reliablity

WRI has been working in one form or another in the regions for over 20 years.  By operating as an Institute, we are continuously building our knowledge base and growing our networks, so that you can be sure that you will have the benefit of high quality research and advice delivered in the regions now and into the future.  

4. Local Impact

We operate in the regions, and our staff live and work in the regions.  By using WRI, you know that you are supporting jobs, economic activity and knowledge growth in the regions - not sending regional dollars to grow jobs and economic activity in major cities.  Every dollar you invest in high quality research and services from WRI has a multiplier impact of 2.2 on the regional economy.  As a not-for-profit Institute, we invest our surpluses in the Inland Research Trust so we can continue to find ways to help inland and regional communities to grow into the future.