Understand your impact

Know the impact of your business activities or project.


WRI uses a range of methodologies to build a detailed picture of the structure of an economy or industry, including Demographic and Labour Market Analysis, Economic Impact (Input-Output) Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Cashflow Modelling and Location Quotient Analysis.


This allows us to accurately measure a range of impact of your business or project on a region, and help you to compare different projects to prioritise investment.  WRI's research has been used to:


  • evaluate the economic impact of one-off events or activities such as a tourism event, the construction of a factory or delivery of a new University program

  • examine ongoing activities such as business operations

  • explore the effect of downturns and boom times on the community

  • assess the level of outshopping from the community

  • compare the impact that different investments will have on jobs and economic activity in a local community

  • understand the true contribution of different industries, or groups of industries, to employment creation and growth

  • understand the impact on human capital and skills in a region from education and training

  • evaluating research impacts on economic and social development in a region

  • evaluate the impact of environmental issues