Get the right data and inputs so your grant application is competitive.


At WRI we have extensive experience in preparing and writing grant applications, and collating data and analysis to support successful bids.


We offer a complete service:


  • Developing a strategic grant funding plan to map infrastructure and other funding proposals to available and future funding programs, and identify resource requirements, to create a long-term external investment strategy

  • Undertaking research and consultation to fully understand grant application requirements.

  • Reviewing client plans and proposals to ensure alignment with funding criteria

  • Assisting clients to develop new proposals to maximise the chance of success

  • Collating data, and conducting research, to build the evidence-base to support successful applications

  • Writing applications, or providing an independent third-party review of an application.

  • Preparing an economic impact analysis to show the benefits that the proposal will deliver

  • Conducting a cost-benefit analysis to meet Government funding requirements

  • Preparing project evaluation measures to allow the success of the project to be shown


Grant Applications