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WRI's trainee experience

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Our team has completed various research projects on jobs and skills. In uncertain times it has become a challenge for businesses to retain staff. The option of hosting a trainee through Skillset has worked well for WRI. It is important for all local businesses to consider employing a trainee or apprentice to join their team so we can help close the gap and build our economy and partnerships.

In 2018 WRI made the decision to be Heather Waters’ host employer while she completed her Certificate III in Business. Heather became our Administration Officer and having completed the Certificate III has started a Certificate IV.

Advantages for local businesses of traineeships

  • Local businesses employing local people

  • Opportunities for skills development for those wanting to add to their employability

  • Sense of achievement for both the trainee and the business of supporting local business

Our trainee experience

  • It was an easy recruitment process and easy ongoing management process

  • Heather has an afternoon every week to study to ensure she is keeping up with her learning tasks

  • WRI has worked with Heather to develop work that builds on her subjects so theory is linked to practical application which embeds the learning

During WRI's monthly interview on 2BS our Administration Officer, Heather Waters took the spotlight and shared her experience about being employed as a trainee in the region.

What has been the highlight of your experience of being a trainee in a local business?

"Building my local knowledge, forming strong and trustworthy client and workplace relationships. Over the past two years I have gained so much more than I would have ever thought by studying and working. Working while studying increases skills that can only be learnt while on the job which is a big benefit for trainees and local businesses."

What opportunities has being a trainee given you?

"Before starting my traineeship through Skillset I was struggling to find my passion, I wanted a job that would get me out of bed each day and I would enjoy going to work. I then found an ad on seek for a business traineeship and I thought that was perfect and just for me so I went for it. Once starting my traineeship I felt like a new person, I was up and ready for work and loved going each day and I still do to this day. I now have qualifications under my belt that I didn’t think I would get as I have two children and had tried studying at home which really didn’t work for me. Having these qualifications has opened up so many doors for me and I am looking forward to the future and developing more skills."

What are the biggest challenges for trainees?

"I wouldn’t say there was challenges for trainees as such but you do need to be passionate about what you are studying and where you are working. You need to have that set time block each week so you can complete your course. WRI has been so supportive of my traineeship and they help with my studies if I get stuck, without their support and Skillset I would still be stuck in a job that I didn’t like. I am so grateful to everyone that has encouraged and supported me through the last two years."


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