• Heather Waters

sli.do sponsoring WRI Big Ideas for Regional NSW event

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

WRI is proud to announce that sli.do has come on board as a sponsor for our Big Ideas for Regional NSW event on Thursday 26th September.

Using sli.do at the event will provide an interactive and innovative event – and because we are capturing information on the day, we will have actual outcomes. Participants time won’t be wasted and it won’t be months before you see next steps starting.

At the Big Ideas event we will be using sli.do to upload ideas, create polls, generate questions and analyse your ideas. The sli.do voting feature will allow participants to vote for their favourite Big Ideas. It is a very intuitive tool – accessed via a browser on your phone or tablet.

sli.do will enable us to capture ideas on the run at the Big Ideas event. You can even ask questions that can be put to the rest of the people at the event. WRI is already collating information on what regional NSW could and should be thinking about so if you have any comments email big.ideas@wri.org.au and we can include these as thought prompts at the event.

The event won’t be all technology driven though. We aim to enable engagement and networking across NSW regions as part of the benefits of attending.

The outcomes of the Big Ideas for Regional NSW is to prioritise all ideas from the workshop and work on what partnerships, funding and policy changes might be necessary. A key consideration will be where different parts of regional NSW can work collaboratively to improve traction to progress the ideas in order to drive regional sustainability.

WRI intends to produce white papers and subscriber benefits are on website for Big Ideas created.

Remember to save the date in your calendar now Thursday 26th September, Big Ideas for Regional NSW. To get your ticket to attend this innovative event click here and follow us on our social medias below.

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