Not enough being done about drought: WRI Poll Results

A recent poll conducted by WRI indicates that not enough is being done about drought.

86% of the poll respondents responded not enough is being done about drought.

The poll also asked respondents what could be done better with over a third (37%) of respondents indicating stronger action on Climate Change would help.

Long term planning for future climate change and drought conditions was also suggested by 32% of respondents as a way to tackle drought.

Providing drought stricken communities, businesses and farmers with better assistance was suggested by 26% of respondents.

Results from the poll are shown below.

Is enough being done about drought?

If not, what could be done better about drought?

Recently WRI completed an issues paper for the Central NSW Joint Organisations of Councils on recent responses to the drought. Some responses and suggestions are provided shown below.

WRI conducted the poll in February and March of 2019, advertising the poll through social media, our newsletter and website. Twenty two total responses were received. These results provide a snapshot of sentiment towards a particular issue of regional interest.

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