'Live and Let Marry': Regions Back Marriage Equality

Regional people in New South Wales gave the thumbs-up to marriage equality, with every regional electorate returning a ‘Yes’ vote in the November plebiscite, according to an analysis by the Western Research Institute.

By comparison, 40% of metropolitan and peri-metropolitan electorates (18/30) returned a negative majority on marriage equality.

Challenging stereotypes about conservative rural values, a higher proportion of residents of electorates classified by WRI as regional voted ‘Yes’ than residents of metropolitan electorates.

While 60.7% of voters in regional electorates in NSW supported marriage equality, only 56% were in favour in metropolitan NSW electorates.

Dividing electorates roughly by ‘inland’ and ‘coastal’, coastal electorates were more inclined to support marriage equality with 62.9% in favour, while a clear majority of 58.6% of inland electors backed the removal of discrimination from marriage.

Regional Electorates Voting Marriage Equality Vote

Federal Electorates NSW Yes

Richmond 67.9

Shortland 67.7

Cunningham 65.7

Paterson 65.5

Eden-Monaro 64.9

Hunter 64.4

Whitlam 62.3

Gilmore 62.0

Calare 60.2

Cowper 60.0

Page 59.7

Hume 58.6

Lyne 55.3

Farrer 55.2

Riverina 54.6

Parkes 52.7

New England 52.5

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