Plan for the Future

How will constantly changing technology, demographics, skills and globalisation impact on your business or region?


There are many changes that can impact on your business, industry, workforce or region - both internal and external.  At WRI we use data and original research to interpret trends, so you can understand how change will impact your business or region, and can plan for the future.


WRI analysts and associates use a range of data sources and research methods to build a detailed picture of your business, industry or region.  We can access and analyse a wide range of statistical sources, conduct surveys, and facilitate stakeholder consultations to prepare a comprehensive report on trends in your industry or region, and the factors that will influence your future.


We can also help you to facilitate and write your strategy or business plans using our facilitators and planners.


We have experience in:


  • Evaluating trends at an industry and regional level to understand environmental, technological and demographic factors that influence future business decisions

  • Conducting research, including consultations and surveys, to identify factors that will influence the skill, knowledge and competitiveness of your industry

  • Evaluating human capital and future skills and training needs

  • Preparing skills and labour force studies

  • Facilitating strategic planning, regional planning and job summits