Frequently Asked Questions

How do WRI conduct surveys?

We host, test, analyse and report on our surveys and manage all processes inhouse.  We have a secure platform to conduct the surveys on and use a variety of tools to analyse and cross tabulate answers to get the most out of survey results.

What types of methodology do we offer?

We can conduct surveys multiple ways either by phone or online – or a combination. We can provide intercept surveys (booths in shopping centres etc) where required.

We offer this flexibility to suit your needs and to help get the best results possible for all clients.

What questions will I be asked?

WRI uses open ended and closed questions through out all surveys. Ideally,  keeping open ended questions to a minimum leads to higher completion rates and better quality information.  We do have sophisticated analysis tools that are outside the survey platform for higher level cross tabulation of results.  This improves the quality of the survey analysis we provide.

How will the survey results be used?

All information given in the survey is used to help us gather valuable data for the client to assist with the needs of their project to assist development in our regions.

Is the information collected safe?

Yes, absolutely. WRI does not release the data collected in its surveys.  We analyse and report in the data without identifying individual responses.  We commit to preserving confidentiality of respondents.

I have more questions...

For further enquiries you can call our office on 02 6333 4000 or email us