Education & Research Sector

WRI's team of analysts and associates work with universities, vocational education providers, and research institutes to understand their impacts on skills, human capital, research, economic activity and industry development, and to provide deep insight into market, employment and strategic trends.  A sample of our work is set out below.

Skillset Economic and Human Capital Impact

WRI completed the economic and human capital impacts of Skillset providing materials for internal and external uses including corporate planning, assessment of the value of programs within Skillset’s suite of offerings and material useful for marketing and tender application processes.

Regional Contribution

WRI has been commissioned by CSU for the last ten years to undertake an assessment of the employment and economic impacts of the University on regional economies in NSW. The report shows how the growth of the University has increased its importance to the regions as a source of skills and economic development.

Future Skills for Aged Care Workforce

VERTO is the largest non-government provider of vocational education and training in regional NSW. VERTO commissioned WRI to undertake an analysis of demographic changes in regional areas to project the aged care workforce needs of communities, and to assist it to plan its training programs for the future.

Human Capital and Research Impacts

WRI was commissioned by James Cook University (JCU) to undertake an assessment of the impacts of the University on its regional and State economies, as well as the impact of JCU on the generation of human capital through graduation of the University’s students and the impacts of its research as demonstrated through case studies. 

Economic Contribution

TAFE NSW commissioned WRI to undertake an evaluation of its economic and empolyment contribution to western NSW.  The economic impacts were assessed using primary data provided by Australian Paper. National, state and regional input-output tables were developed using the gRIT technique and analysed using WRI’s proprietary Simulating Impacts on Regional Economies (SIRE).The impacts were measured in terms of gross domestic, gross state and gross regional product, household income and full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs.

Regional Medical School Proposal

WRI was commissioned by La Trobe University and Charles Sturt University to undertake an evaluation of the employment and economic impact of the establishment of the Murray Darling Medical School in Orange, Bendigo and Wagga Wagga.  The study incorporated an analysis of the flow-on growth in student enrolments, staffing, and infrastructure across their regional campuses from the establishment of a medical program.

Benefits of Aquaculture to NSW Research

WRI partnered with the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation at the University of Technology Sydney to undertake a full social and economic evaluation of contributions of aquaculture for three regions on the NSW coast and develop a methodology to be used for ongoing social and economic evaluations.

Future Vocational Skills Research

WRI worked with the National Centre for Vocational Education Research to prepare a report on vocational education and training. The report integrated a number of stakeholder perspectives on skill sets and concluded that the challenge was: ‘to open up the pathways that benefit clients of the sector without creating the perverse impacts that some stakeholders fear’. 

Research into the Economic Value of Recreational Fishing

WRI partnered with the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security at the University of Wollongong to develop a cost effective method to measure the economic contribution of recreational fishing to the NSW economy for the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

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