Analyzing Graphs

Economic Impact

Economic Impact modelling allows clients to measure a range of impacts from a given business or project, this model allows us to measure revenue, profit and jobs.
Our modelling uses National Input Output tables from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and augments them with specific primary data to create meaningful and tailored models of the relevant area being modelled. 
Our research has been used to: 
  • evaluate the economic impact of one-off events or activities such as a tourism event, the construction of a new or an upgrade to buildings, evaluation of social programs such as the impact of re-training on recidivism rates and the delivery of a new University program 
  • explore the effect of downturns and boom times on a community/region/state or nationally 
  • compare the impact that different investments will have on jobs and economic activity in a community/region/state or nationally 
  • understand the contribution of different industries or groups of industries to employment creation and growth 
WRI prepared the Ballarat and Technology Park Economic Impact report for our clients Federation University and IBM Australia. This research was an analysis of the impacts of the Ballarat Technology Park on the Local Government Area of Ballarat, the Central Highlands region which includes the Ballarat Statistical Area Level 3, Victoria and Australia. Initial and Flow-on impacts were reported across these 4 areas along with a comparison of impacts.