1.        Client and Stakeholder Centred

We listen to our clients and stakeholders and try to understand their individual needs. We go beyond collating data and information, and work to provide knowledge and advice that builds value for our clients and stakeholders. We aim to make a real difference in our communities, and to be a first-choice, front-of-mind service for our regions.

2.        Collaborative and Inclusive

We are at our best when we work together to achieve common goals. We recognise that we achieve better outcomes when we embrace and respect the different views, knowledge, cultures and abilities of all our stakeholders, internally and externally.

3.        Integrity and Reliability

We are consistent, trustworthy, dependable and we have integrity. We set realistic goals and we endeavour to achieve them.

4.        Responsive

We recognise that our environment, and the needs of our clients and stakeholders, are constantly changing and we continually refine and adapt to these differing and changing needs.

Strategy & Corporate Citizenship


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