2016 Annual Report

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The Board of Directors and staff of the Western Research Institute are very pleased to present our 2016 Annual Report to the community.

With the support of our clients and stakeholders, we have made great progress in growing our contribution and business during 2016. The excellent work of our staff has allowed us to dedicate 8% of our operating budget to direct investment in regional forums, workshops and other activities to build economic knowledge and capacity in inland regions.  We were also able to commit over 90% of our surplus to create the Inland Research Fund.

We hope you find this 2016 Annual Report useful and informative. 

If you would like to talk to WRI about how it can help your business, organisation or community with their economic research needs, please contact our consultants on (02) 6333 4000.




WRI Annual Report 2016

Audited Financial Statements



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