Evaluate OutcomesDetermine the effectiveness of activities and programs you are running. 

WRI recommends building monitoring and evaluation processes into your operations so that information you need can be gathered in a systematic and logical manner. WRI has experience across a broad range of research methods that enable us to customise a solution for your evaluation needs.  We are experienced in:

  • Design and administration of surveys (face to face, telephone, mail-out and online)
  • Administration of online blogs supported by social media campaigns in order to capture community feedback
  • Conducting focus groups
  • In-depth interviewing including the development of case studies
  • Content and thematic analysis of qualitative data
  • Statistical analysis of quantitative data
  • Quantitative data modelling
  • Economic Impact (inter-industry) analysis
  • Cost Benefit analysis
Produce information that will serve the decisions you need to make
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